I would like to thank those that made this project possible:

  • Rick Hendricks, professor of New Mexico State University, Las Cruces was instrumental
  • The late John B. “Jack” Culligan (El Paso Del Norte Researcher) and Terry L. Corbett (El Paso Del Norte Researcher)
  • Claudia Rivers, Director of Special Collections at University of Texas, El Paso
  • Sylvia Fernandez-Magdaleno, my wife and Researcher
  • Mario (Marty) Grajeda Resarcher
  • Griselda Fernandez and Cynthia Osegurea, typists
  • Benjamin Apodaca, my grandfather (His Genealogy Lines)
  • AlizĂ© Juarez, my granddaughter
  • Adapted for the World Wide Web by James M. Keffer, 1997; Revised by Marysela Franco, 2016