My Genealogy Research

My name is Aaron Magdaleno, and I remember as a little boy hearing my grandfather, Benjamin Apodaca, talk about his family history. He told me that his family name was in New Mexico forever and a day. When I started tracing my family roots, I discovered that my great-great grandfather was born in “Paso del Norte,” and from there on, the family line was coming out of that area forever and a day, I quickly learned about the history of New Mexico, starting with Juan Oñate, the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, and Vargas reconquest in 1692. My Grandfather was correct, but my family obviously did not return to Santa Fe with the reconquest in 1692.

Special Thanks to the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) microfilm collection, MF49, roll 14, 1728 to 1775, and the Rio Grande Historical Collections (New Mexico State University-NMSU-Las Cruces) the Archivo Historico del Arzobispado de Durango. These two archives have served as very valuable tools in my research and are strongly recommended to anyone research in the El Paso area.

*It is always recommended that one obtain and review the original source if possible. Please cite this source when using any information from this research.